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A Perfect Workspace Between Home and Office

Are you tired of the office working monotony brought about by the pandemic? Tired of the many distractions that come with operating at home? Would you like to learn about new places that you can use to break this monotony and avoid home distractions?…

July 21, 2021
Home and Garden

How to Get Started Sewing Your Own Clothes

Sewing has been making a massive comeback in the last few years. Concerns about the workers making store-bought fashion and the sustainability of fast fashion have driven the resurgence. Millions of women have turned to their sewing machines to make their own clothes. In…

July 12, 2021
Home and Garden

Retro Fridge Buying Guide 2021

Retro has never been outdated; these are still trendy! Especially in the refrigerator space, the 1950s look awesome every time – after all, it gives a charming feel to your environment and makes it more comfortable for the adults at home. Over the past…

April 10, 2021
Home and Garden

Buying vs Building Your Next Home

Most people spend a lot of time and energy choosing the perfect place they can call home. While the buying process involves a variety of decisions and factors, one important factor that plays a huge role is if you should buy an existing house…

April 2, 2021
Home and Garden

How to Wash High Windows

High windows are usually located at hard-to-reach locations or above a sloped area, which makes cleaning them quite tricky. These windows may get quite dirty if they have not been washed in a while. Here we shall see how you can get to those…

March 24, 2021
Home and Garden

How to Clean Aluminum Window Frames

Window frames made of aluminum are prone to attracting dust and dirt, which makes them lose their shine over time. You need both outdoor and indoor cleaning to clean these window frames. A combination of household products and commercial solutions can be used to…

March 24, 2021
Home and Garden

5 Crucial Things to Do Before Moving Out of a Rental

Today, 36% of Americans live in rental properties. There’s a good chance you’re one of them! If so, then you’ll probably either move to another rental or save up to purchase your own home sometime in the future. And when that time comes, you’ll…

March 18, 2021
Home and Garden

How to Weatherproof Your Home for All Seasons

Is your home looking old and tired? Are you constantly fighting the elements and finding your energy bills spiraling out of control? If so, then you need to weatherproof your home. Luckily, it does not have to cost the earth. Below, we give our…

March 2, 2021
Home and Garden

Top Kitchen Trends for 2021

If you are contemplating a kitchen remodel this year, you should consider what is trending in the world of Santa Barbara interior design. Kitchen designers are moving past the all-white kitchen that has dominated the past few years in favor of new styles and…

February 20, 2021
Home and Garden

The Truth About The Cost Of Epoxy Flooring Versus Tile

At first glance epoxy flooring costs significantly more than tiling the floor. However, as is the case with many things, there are complications that need to be considered in order to decide which is the most cost-effective solution. Tile Cost Tiles can vary dramatically…

February 10, 2021
Home and Garden

How to Create the Best Dorm Room on a Budget

As a student, you need a calm and peaceful environment to stay. While in the dorm, you can do various activities, including studying, doing my dissertations, assignments and even relaxing. Although you are under tight budgets as a student, you can modify your room…

December 25, 2020
Home and Garden

Landscape Design for Busy Homeowners

Keeping your home and lawn in tip top shape is hard if you don’t keep up with it. This can be a tedious job, especially if you live a busy life. Maintaining your home starts with the interior part of the house and goes…

September 21, 2020