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Follow the Steps While Cleaning the Yard After Deadly Storm Strikes Your Home

October 24, 2019

Severe storms and rains in your city will leave you completely devastated and you will have that urge to utilize the services of cleaners and removers that have sophisticated tools to clean your property. Do not take hasty decisions of hiring such professionals immediately after such catastrophes and look out for alternative avenues which will save your money and time. Of course, it is difficult to predict the climatic disasters in advance and when such natural perils strike, your garden and landscapes may suffer from highest level of damages for sure.

Do not panic when such storm, rains, cyclone or other natural perils strikes, and decide to think patiently on what you can do to improve the present situation. It is a well-understood fact that your heart will sink the moment when you see and walk over the rubbles, fallen trees, broken flower pots and damaged plants. But you should recoup from the shock and plan your rebuilding operations immediately in order to reduce the aggravation of future damage. You should hire experienced cleaners and they can clean your property completely. You can remove and easily dump loads of withered leaves when you have wheelbarrow in your home. If you do not have one then you should decide to buy from one from reputed Gas Powered Wheelbarrow Manufacturer.

Immediate measures that you should take after severe storm

You can save your cost by cleaning your landscape area with your DIY tools. Follow the below mentioned steps properly and if these attempts fails then you can think of hiring cleaners.

  • Act prudently and inspect the garden thoroughly

Everything starts with careful inspection. You should step out from your home immediately after the storm and rain, and thoroughly inspect your expansive garden. This is an important step which you should never neglect since only through this process you will find scattered leaves, fruits and seeds that have fallen from the trees. It will also be helpful for arriving cost estimates that you should incur toward cleaners and removers.

  • Segregate good plants from destroyed ones

Plants that have weak roots will get uprooted quickly during hail storm, and fall scattered all over the garden area. You should use best tools and instruments like wheelbarrow for removing all these up-rooted plants and dumping them on the nearby garbage removal trucks. If you do not have such advanced equipments then you can buy them immediately from Gas Powered Wheelbarrow Manufacturer. Now such equipments are available online and you can easily choose the best one for your gardening.

  • Store the usable flowers, fruits and vegetables safely

If you are nurturing fruit, flowery and vegetable plants there are possibilities of retrieving usable fruits, flowers and vegetables that may fall from the damaged plants. Segregate these salvaged fruits, seeds and vegetables and store them safely in the storage area.

  • Salvage products can be sold for best prices

If you are growing saleable fruits like banana, papaya, mangoes and berries in your garden and some catastrophes like storms destroys the beauty of your garden then there are possibilities that you can collect usable products from the damaged ones. You can sell undamaged bananas, mangos, berries and other fruits in the market for good prices. Then you can utilize the selling amount for your garden improvement.

  • Trim or prune the sharp and protruding stems carefully

Sharp leaves, stems and flowers may protrude outside the compound and pose as a threat to the passerby or public. Use best tools like cutters, pruners, and cutting instruments while pruning the trees or plants and transform the looks of the open space. If your trucks are parked far away from the yard, then it is better to use carts and wheelbarrow for carrying the damaged and broken trees.

  • Fix puddles or pathway for water to drain

Flash floods can happen after storm strikes. You should create a lengthy puddle or extensive pathway on the garden for the water to get drained. If you do not take this action, there are chances of lawns getting badly affected by inundated water and Ant. Apart from that, you must clean the gutters installed in your garden areas because overflowing gutters during monsoon can destroy your garden.

  • Use vacuum water sucking machine for draining purposes

If you own vacuum cleaners that can suck heavy loads of water, then start using them on your garden and you will be able to extract gallons of water from the garden and save your garden from extensive damages.

  • Remove twigs, thorns and sharp objects

Carefully remove twigs, sharp thorns and tiny plant objects which can pose as a threat to children and family members. You should use best tools for removing such sharp thorns and other objects from the garden. As a precautionary measure, you should use gloves and other safety gadgets which will offer best protection during removal operation.

  • Remove clogs in the drain or drainage channel

Drainage water will stop flowing when there is clogging or blockage in the pipelines. You have to remove the clogs with the help of tools and devices, and drain the flood water immediately. In this case, you can hire experienced drain cleaning services.

  • Set right the fences or barriers

Iron, timber, steel or other types of fences which are fixed around the home may face minor repairs which can be set right with the help of best tools. This is an important task because trespassers, strangers and animals will step inside the home. You should repair the fences after severe storm.

These steps are only for guidance purpose and you should take all possible steps to remove all the weeds, thorns, plants and trees and protruding stems quickly. If you feel that the tools that you own is insufficient for clearing the debris then you should hire experienced removers that are working from your location. Never hire amateur removers and cleaners that have little exposure in storm cleaning and always look out for professionals that have mastered this art.

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