From Chains To Rings – The Best Styling Accessories For Men

November 8, 2021

Accessories are commonly misunderstood to be effeminate items that are meant for women. Therefore, men constantly feel discouraged from wearing them. However, historians and fashion experts would say otherwise. Jewelry has been worn throughout history by very powerful and masculine rulers and was often considered a sign of peak manliness!

The truth is that regardless of your gender identity, accessories can add depth to your outfit—not to mention, they also often indicate your social status and sense of style. It can also be a unique aspect of your personality, helping you stand out in a group. 

Despite being less socially acceptable, men’s accessories are available in diverse varieties, so it’s only natural if you get confused about where to start. 

Here is a simple list of the best accessories available for men that will give you something special to wear for your next big event!

1. Bracelets

Bracelets are usually the first option many men opt for when they get into accessories as they are easy to wear and not too flashy. Bracelets for men are usually made of special crystals and rocks such as the tiger’s eye or; lapis lazuli. Modern gentlemen can find a wide variety of colors and designs of bracelets to match them to any outfit. Leather bracelets are extremely popular among men and have always been considered a classic and timeless accessory. Some leather straps look identical to watch straps making it easier to flaunt two accessories in one.

Simple bracelets that aren’t too eye-catching are perfect for casual day-to-day use. Go for bracelets made of high-end materials to create a neat and posh look while looking well put together. 

Healing bracelets made of special materials with embedded stones and crystals are also popular among men and serve multiple purposes. If you’re interested in bracelets with meaning, talk to a gemologist to understand the true value of the stone you’re investing in.

2. Rings:

Rings are another fashion classic that men of all ages wear. They are easy on the eye and, when chosen thoughtfully, complement any outfit. They also come in a wide variety of designs for many different occasions. Rings can be found in all types of metals like gold, silver, rose, etc. For starters, you can find some great pieces at the Wholesale Sparkle online store. Rings worn by men are usually a lot thicker than those worn by women. They are not too flashy and come with simple designs. 

There are different types of rings for men, such as the signet ring, the engagement ring, and even rings for the pinky. 

Usually, a lightweight ring around 8mm thick is best to start with. To style properly, learn your skin tone and identify whether you have a cool undertone or warm undertone using the shade of your wrists. Steel rings look best with cool undertones, while warm skin matches perfectly with gold or brass rings. Furthermore, try to achieve balance every time you wear your rings. Do not overcrowd your hand with a lot of pieces at once. If you’re wearing a watch or a bracelet, make sure their color complements the rings’ color and doesn’t make them appear tacky.

3. Chains

Chains are a classic in men’s fashion as they have never gone out of style. They can vary from simple to dramatic and come in all different shapes and sizes. They are a lot more different than women’s evening necklaces, which are fancier and covered with jewels. Chains are simple and often elevate a plain basic outfit like a crew-neck shirt with a cardigan. For a more laid-back everyday look, a simple, thin chain can work with any casual t-shirt. 

As for a more fashionable look, a thicker gold chain tucked inside the shirt can make a perfect accessory without making the outfit look tacky. Chains can instantly add personality to your sense of style and can often make your physical appearance more attractive. 

Artificial lightweight chains with customizable lengths can be adjusted and styled in various ways to fit any event. Chains with religious emblems or a cross necklace can signify a person’s beliefs and often represent their character. 

If you’re investing in chains, keep in mind to only go for high-quality materials such as solid stainless steel, silver, or gold. Cheap material will look tacky and hence make you look less attractive. 

4) Wallets

A wallet is one of the most important items men carry. Apart from the functional and practical value of carrying money and important documents, a wallet can show peak style and class. Wallets are usually a long-term investment and hence should be made of the best quality. Your wallet should reflect who you are and be something you’re always excited to use and show off. 

Wallets are made of all types of materials, such as leather and cotton. Branded leather of high quality is usually the best option you can go for. It is best to opt for a minimalistic-looking wallet and choose a lightweight material. 

Black wallets in high-end material go effortlessly with any clothing you wear. Avoid carrying large wallets, especially if you’re making a fashion statement. They may offer functional value, but not only do they look tacky in your hands, but they also create an unattractive bulge in your trouser pockets. 

Alternatively, choose a unique piece in varying interesting shades of color to carry with floral shirts or when going out for informal get-togethers!

5) Sunglasses:

Sunglasses are crucial for protecting the eyes against sun damage. However, these can be used as great accessories too. Sunglasses come in many different shades and frame sizes to suit all faces. Finding the right size, color, shape, and frame can be difficult, but it’s worth investing time, money, and effort in, because once you have the perfect shades, they will elevate your physical beauty. 

For thinner faces, larger sunglasses look good, however, you can experiment with different sizes and find something that fits your aesthetic without compromising on comfort and confidence. Classic black sunglasses with a suit are perfect for when attending a fancy event during the day. For a more professional look, try going for thin frames in neutral hues. Apart from their size and shape, quality and durability are just as important. Go for high-quality, expensive shades that not only protect your eyes but also spruce up any outfit.

Final Thoughts

Accessories for men are just as essential as they are for women. They are a direct indicator of wealth, status, and power, as well as class and style. Accessories also help complement and elevate your physical appearance and give you a more trendy look. 

It’s best to start small and take time to find your personal style rather than going overboard. And, always prioritize your comfort over everything else.

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