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Great Designs and Styles in Kitchen Plumbing

March 28, 2019

Over the years, sinks and the entire appearance in the kitchen has changed and continues to change. New designs and styles continue to be eminent making many homeowners enjoy their new digitized designs.

The introductions of shiny faucets that come in allay of designs have been the most prominent around the kitchen sinks. Having a beautiful and well-decorated kitchen is the dream of every homeowner. However, many don’t achieve their expectations because of clinging to the traditional faucets and using other outdated tools in the kitchen.
But have you really tried to make your kitchen plumbing look attractive? Well, you may be thinking that kitchen plumbing is all about running pipes underground, but it also involves having the visible interior of your kitchen. Make your kitchen outstanding through the following ways.

Tips to Making your Kitchen Modernized

  • Installing waterfall faucets

This is perhaps one of the ways plumbers are modernizing most kitchens. By installing waterfall heads on your faucets that makes the water flow gently can give your kitchen an outstanding look. Besides, there is a touch and feeling of luxury when the flowing water flows softly.

  • Having multiple heads

Of course, this will require more plumbing work, especially when adding faucets. However, at the end it will be worth it, especially when cleaning stubborn stains.

  • Having faucets that are sensor activated

The technology has gone as far as having faucets that can be activated by touch or waving near them. You can experience the same technology in your kitchen by contacting a professional plumber at fastplumbers.net.au.

  • Having detachable spray hose

This is another great design in our millennial generation where you can detach your spray hose from the faucets. It has now become popular in many Millennials houses.
Besides the above tips you can decide to have some of the latest trends in your kitchen that vary in shapes, sizes, and even designs. Some even offer some accessories like utensil trays, colanders, chopping boards, holding a place for pots and pans.

fastplumbers.net.au has most of these current trends that can modernize your kitchen.

Here are some of the latest trends you can incorporate in your kitchen plumbing.

Latest Trends in Kitchen

  • Self-rimming sinks – they are made in various makes like stainless steel, porcelain, and cast iron.
  • 27 inch undermount sink – are increasingly becoming popular and are usually installed below the countertop.
  • Integrated quartz sinks
  • Porcelain apron sinks
  • Integrated marble sinks
  • Bamboo apron sinks
  • Prep sinks
  • Iron island sinks

By incorporating the above models in your kitchen, you are sure to have an appealing kitchen that will be attractive and modernized at the same time. You should remember the following:

  • Some contemporary faucets

Whether it is soft or long lines you can use these faucet to make your kitchen sparkling. They can offer options like cold and hot water, pull down, and pre-rinse. Most of them come in stainless steel, while others on chrome.

  • Modern pot fillers

These are great in making your kitchen look great. They are made of stainless steel and others in chrome.

  • Some additional fixtures

You can have some soap pumps and water filtration that matches the faucets and sinks you are using.


When looking for great kitchen plumbing, the essence is to look for durability and quality accessories and faucets. Matching their designs and appearances can make the kitchen more organized.

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