How to Track Instagram Follower Growth

November 12, 2019

Instagram is continuously expanding its horizon. This can be authenticated by the fact that in 2011, the growth for brands stood at 11.7%, while in 2015, it reached 32.3%. Furthermore, the engagement rates on Instagram are higher than any other social media platform.

When you have such surprising statistics, then it becomes incumbent to monitor the growth of your followers. By evaluating the tendencies and the interests of followers, you will be in a better position to rectify your Instagram marketing strategies accordingly.

Monitoring the growth of followers on Instagram is a little bit complex, considering that Instagram does not offer in-app features that could give you a detailed report of the activities of users. But still, you can track the growth by engaging with the followers and managing proper feedback.

There are two methods of tracking your Instagram followers. One is manual, while the other one can be utilized through tools. In this piece of writing, I have elaborated both of the methods of tracking your audience on Instagram. Let’s get into it.

Manual Methods

When I say tracking of followers manually, it means that evaluating the growth with the built-in features of Instagram and without any third-party tool. Although the manual methods will not give you accurate results, they are useful in getting a rough idea of the interests of the followers. Here are some suggestions to track your fans:

1. See the Views on the Posts

Suppose that you have published five posts on your Instagram feed, and you observe that a specific post is getting more likes and comments, then it means that the content of that particular post is unique and compelling as compared to the content of other posts. You will get to know about the growth of the followers on a specific post by assessing the number of views and likes.

2. Feedback

You can directly ask the followers what they like the most. Asking them will enhance the trust of followers, and you will have an idea about the topics that are the primary reasons for follower growth. Furthermore, exclusively interacting with the followers shows that you are serious about the growth of your business, and you respect the opinion of your fans.

Using Tools to Track your Followers

Various analytics tools help users in finding out the real growth of the followers. By using the tools, you will get to know what resonates with your audience, and how you can optimize the content output to get Instagram followers.

1. Followers Pro

This app is exclusively designed for iOS users. Some of its features are free, while for others, you have to pay some bucks. It extracts the data from your account and tells you about the new followers, monthly followers, likes, comments, and interactions.

There are also some shortcomings while using this app. Followers Pro does not function on Android devices, and it even starts lagging when your followers exceed the number of 50,000.

2. Social Bakers

Through Social Bakers, you can create your own dashboard to evaluate the different areas. It tells you about the number of impressions, interactions, and reaches. Furthermore, you can also see your top posts, most interactive hashtags in your content, and which post is getting the highest number of interaction.

The feature that distinguishes Social Bakers from other platforms is a customized dashboard. The user interface is exceptionally convenient to use, and you don’t have to be an experienced person to use the panel.

3. Union Metrics

Union Metrics generates reports every month. It compares your strategies with those of your competitors and suggests suitable amendments. It basically shows a graph where the activities of the top fans and followers are mentioned. In addition to this, you will see the best time of posting along with the number of people who have interacted with your account on a particular day.


The analytics apps are not easy to access by anyone given the involvement of huge pricing while buying some of the apps. However, you can consider it as an investment that would accrue the results in the future. Continuously comparing your performance would prove to be a helpful strategy for the progress of your brand.

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