Ideas For Great Days Out: Day Trips By Train Around London

May 24, 2023

Ah, London – the bustling heart of England where time seems to fly by as quickly as the iconic red double-decker buses. While there’s no shortage of excitement and entertainment within the city limits, sometimes you can’t help but yearn for a change of scenery and a temporary escape from the urban jungle. Lucky for you, Britain’s extensive rail system is like a spider web that stretches far and wide, offering a delightful array of easily accessible day trips just around the corner.

From quaint seaside towns to historic cities rich in culture and heritage, these picturesque destinations are sure to rekindle your love affair with exploration and discovery. So pack your bags, and let us whisk you away on an unforgettable adventure through some of our favorite day trips by train around London. With each stop promising its own unique charm and appeal, be prepared to fall head over heels in love with the diverse beauty that lies just beyond London’s doorstep.

Exploring the Historic City of Bath

Let your journey start with choosing a means of transportation. For instance, if you prefer the scenic route and starting your adventure from Scotland, you might consider visiting Rail Online – Book Trains from Glasgow to London. As you stroll along the banks of the River Avon and admire the impressive Georgian architecture, it’s hard not to feel a sense of freedom and wonder at what life was like during Jane Austen’s era. Lose yourself in the delightful boutiques and cozy cafés that line Pulteney Bridge, or take a leisurely walk through Royal Victoria Park where you’ll find lush gardens and wide-open spaces.

No visit to Bath would be complete without exploring its most famous attraction: The Roman Baths. As you descend into this ancient complex, let your imagination run wild with tales of Romans luxuriating in these very waters over 2,000 years ago. Marvel at the Great Bath itself – still filled with steaming water from a natural hot spring – before venturing into other areas such as the Sacred Spring, Temple Courtyard, and fascinating museum exhibits showcasing thousands of artifacts recovered from excavation sites. Be sure to also treat yourself to an indulgent spa experience at Thermae Bath Spa; after all, it’s not every day that you get to bathe in mineral-rich waters once enjoyed by Roman emperors!

While there is plenty to see within Bath itself, don’t miss out on exploring some of the beautiful countryside surrounding this enchanting city. Hop aboard one of many scenic train journeys available or venture further afield by booking guided tours offering unique insights into hidden gems such as picturesque villages nestled in rolling hills or lesser-known historic sites brimming with tales waiting to be discovered. 

Discovering the Charm of Canterbury

You’ll be captivated by the charm of Canterbury as you explore its ancient streets and historic sites, just a short train ride away from London. This enchanting city offers a delightful mix of history, culture, and modern amenities that will make your day trip an unforgettable experience. As you wander through the quaint cobblestone streets, you can’t help but feel transported back in time to a world steeped in rich heritage.

  1. Marvel at the magnificent Canterbury Cathedral, one of England’s oldest and most famous Christian structures that dates back to 597 AD. The awe-inspiring architecture, intricate stained-glass windows, and serene atmosphere are truly mesmerizing.
  2. Visit the captivating Canterbury Tales Visitor Attraction where you’ll step into medieval England and follow Chaucer’s pilgrims as they embark on their journey from London to Canterbury.
  3. Explore the fascinating ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey, founded by St Augustine himself in 598 AD as part of his mission to convert Anglo-Saxons to Christianity.
  4. Immerse yourself in local culture at the bustling Canterbury Market, which offers an array of local produce, handmade crafts, and delicious street food.

As your day draws to a close, take some time to relax along the picturesque River Stour with a leisurely punt tour or simply sit back at one of Canterbury’s many cozy cafes or pubs while sipping on a refreshing beverage. The magic of this enchanting city lingers long after your return journey home – leaving you with memories that will undoubtedly beckon you back for another taste of freedom in this charming corner of England.

Unwinding in the Seaside Town of Brighton

There’s no denying the allure of Brighton, a vibrant seaside town that boasts over 11 million visitors each year, enticing travelers with its unique blend of coastal beauty and lively entertainment. Just an hour away from London by train, Brighton is the perfect escape for anyone seeking a day trip filled with culture, history, and relaxation. Stepping off the train at Brighton Station, you’ll instantly feel the city’s energetic atmosphere as you make your way towards the beachfront.

As you stroll down the iconic pebbled beach and take in stunning views of the English Channel, be sure to visit Brighton Palace Pier. Here, you can immerse yourself in classic British seaside fun by indulging in freshly made fish and chips or trying your luck at one of the many amusement arcade games. Venture into The Lanes – a maze-like network of narrow alleyways filled with independent shops selling everything from vintage clothing to bespoke jewelry – where you can lose track of time exploring this charming area.

No trip to Brighton would be complete without visiting its most famous landmark: The Royal Pavilion. This impressive palace was once a royal residence for King George IV and now serves as a museum showcasing its ornate architecture and lavish interiors. After taking in all that Brighton has to offer, unwind at one of its cool bars or cozy cafes before catching your train back to London. 

Delving into the Rich Heritage of Oxford

Step back in time as you explore the hallowed halls and historic streets of Oxford, a city steeped in academic excellence and architectural splendor that’s just a quick jaunt from London. As you wander through the cobbled lanes, marvel at the stunning medieval buildings that have housed some of the world’s greatest minds for centuries. Feel inspired by the rich history surrounding you, from the iconic Radcliffe Camera to the breathtaking Bodleian Library, where countless scholars have delved into its vast collection of books and manuscripts.

Immerse yourself in Oxford’s vibrant atmosphere by visiting its many museums, galleries, and gardens. Discover treasures at the Ashmolean Museum or delve into scientific wonders at the Museum of Natural History. Take a leisurely stroll through Christ Church Meadow or relax with a picnic beside the River Cherwell as punts glide gracefully past. Don’t forget to stop by one of Oxford’s famous pubs like The Eagle and Child or The Turf Tavern – both steeped in history and perfect spots to enjoy a well-deserved pint after your day of exploration.

Experiencing the Natural Beauty of the Cotswolds

Board a train from London Paddington, and within just a couple of hours, you’ll find yourself transported to an idyllic world filled with charming stone cottages, winding country lanes, and breathtaking views. As you stroll through ancient market towns or hike along the famous Cotswold Way, allow yourself to be enchanted by this captivating region that speaks directly to the heart of your subconscious wanderlust.

  1. See the timeless beauty of Bourton-on-the-Water – often referred to as ‘Venice of the Cotswolds’ due to its lovely low bridges over the River Windrush.
  2. Feel inspired by Stow-on-the-World’s historic market square, surrounded by honey-coloured buildings and bustling antique shops.
  3. Experience tranquility amongst nature at Westonbirt Arboretum – home to one of the most magnificent tree collections in the world.

As you explore these enchanting locations and more during your day trip by train around London, let go of any stress or preoccupations that may have been weighing on you back in the city. Whether it’s finding solace while wandering through serene wooded glades or feeling invigorated while gazing out over vast expanses of open countryside from atop a hillside vista, embrace each moment spent amidst this natural haven as an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation. And when it’s time to return home after your unforgettable journey through England’s stunning rural heartland, know that you carry with you memories and experiences which can serve as a wellspring of inspiration whenever life calls for an infusion of beauty and wonder.

So, it’s just a coincidence that you’re looking for great days out around London? Well, you’re in luck! These fantastic day trips by train offer the perfect blend of history, charm, natural beauty and relaxation.

Don’t miss out on these captivating destinations. You’ll not only create lasting memories but also get a taste of what makes each place unique.

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