Jumpstart Your Real Estate Career with These Tips

August 1, 2020

Working as a realtor is a great way to connect with individuals of your community while making a living helping others find homes and spaces for the businesses or properties of their dreams. If you are just breaking into the world of real estate or if you have recently relocated and want to make a name for yourself as a professional realtor, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will help you to jumpstart your career regardless of your current position and location.

Create an Online Presence

Long gone are the days where realtors are limited to strictly local and word-of-mouth marketing strategies. While word-of-mouth, viral, and local marketing strategies are still highly effective tools for advertising, it is also imperative to turn to the internet to maximize your reach and your ability to build a reputation and career for yourself as a professional realtor.

Developing an online presence is a key component ot truly jumpstarting your career in real estate, even if you consider yourself experienced or professional in the field already. Individuals who do not have a professional online presence may have a difficult time obtaining clients or building a reputation for themselves over local and national competitions who do have a widespread online presence.

Launch an official website or portfolio for your real estate work and the properties or homes you have represented in the past. Gather testimonials from authentic clients to help with building a professional reputation while garnering the trust of those who have a genuine interest in learning more about your services or hiring you to represent them in their quest for new real estate.

Digital/Social Media Marketing

In addition to developing an official portfolio and website, it is also important to create a digital social media presence for yourself. Using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Pinterest can help you to maximize your online reach and your ability to promote your services and the type of skills you have within the real estate industry.

Create a social media presence on top platforms and networks using your professional name or the name of your own real estate company or business. Streamline your social media presence to utilize the same usernames, brand photos, logos, and high-quality photos of any homes or properties you represent. Streamlining your social media presence is essential to minimize confusion among visitors while also helping you to establish a professional and modern reputation online.

Use social media to promote your current portfolio and even to attract new prospective clients and customers for you to represent. With various advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, it is also now easier than ever to launch digital marketing campaigns with the use of social media on just about any budget.

Create a posting calendar and schedule to keep your followers and potential clients informed of your current work as well as past clients or properties you have represented. Update regularly and provide high-quality, original, unique, and useful content to keep your followers and prospective clients coming back for more. Building a reputation is key as a realtor, which is why it is so important to share content and useful information that will help to maintain the interest of those who wish to learn more about you or those who are currently in the process of seeking out representation while shopping for or selling a home.

Direct Mail

Although email marketing, online PPC marketing, and social media marketing have seemingly infiltrated the world of marketing and advertising, direct mailing marketing is still extremely popular and highly effective in most markets and industries today. Using real estate mailings, connect on a more personal and intimate level with the target audience or demographics you intend to reach.

Using services such as, craft various real estate mailings and campaigns using templates specifically designed with realtors and the real estate industry in mind. Choose from hundreds of templates as well as customized mailing lists, perfect for any realtor who is looking to spread the word of the services they offer.

Word-of-Mouth Campaigns

Along with digital and social media marketing tactics, word-of-mouth campaigns can also prove extremely effective and beneficial as a realtor, especially if you are representing a small town or if you are looking to represent a highly niche targeted audience, group, or demographic. Word-of-mouth campaigns may include sending birthday cards to various clients, keeping track of specific dates that are important to past clients, or even hosting local events that help to bring the community together while also providing you with an opportunity to promote the services and representation that you provide.

Whenever you begin brainstorming new campaigns and word-of-mouth marketing strategies, it is important to consider your goals as well as the type of clients you intend to represent as a real estate agent. If you are focusing on residential homes, brainstorm what type of homes you intend to represent, how the homes you represent will help your clients, and how you can present your properties in a manner that is appealing, positive, and relevant to clients and prospective buyers.

PR Events, Charity, Networking, and Giving Back

PR events, charity gatherings, networking, and giving back can all be extremely helpful tools for any realtor who is looking for ways to jumpstart their career, especially if you are doing so in a highly competitive location or a in a bustling city with plenty of active realtors for competition already.

Consider attending charity and networking events regularly, especially those for local business entrepreneurs, small business owners, and real estate investors along with realtors themselves. Network with other business owners and entrpenreus to help spread the word of the services you currently offer along with your experience. Think of the type of clients you intend to represent and seek out networking and charity events which are most likely to host your prospective clients. The more comfortable you become with attending various events and networking, the easier it will be to land new clients and begin building a professional reputation for yourself as a realtor in your area.

While making a name for yourself as a professional realtor is not always easy or quick, it is possible with enough hard work, dedication, and a commitment to your clients and the citizens of your local community. With enough knowledge of the wants and needs of your clients and a thorough understanding of the homes and properties you represent, jumpstart your real estate career in just about any location around the world.

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