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Korean Skin Care Routine: Things You Should Know

September 20, 2019

The cosmetic industry has been growing steadily over the past few years. The market for cosmetic products is now willing to try different brands.

Users of skin, oral and hair care products, make-up, and perfumes have been checking brands from various manufacturers. In recent years, several Korean beauty brands have also been able to penetrate the global market more and more.

A lot of cosmetic products have been flooding the market. However, those devoted to skincare are the ones getting the most attention.

According to Statista, skin care products accounted for around 36 percent of the total global sales of the cosmetic industry in 2016. The Korean skincare box must be part of this figure.

Meanwhile, hair care products followed with a contribution of 23 percent.

The report further revealed that from 2016 until 2021, it is projected that the beauty market in the Asia Pacific region would increase substantially. Accordingly, the sales in this area would leap by around USD 14.9 billion.

The Many Steps of Korean Skin Care Routine

Many might have been wondering why Koreans have flawless skin. Thus, the rise of the Korean skincare’s popularity.

The Korean skincare box offers a full range of products that are necessary to achieve the so-called K-glow.

It has everything you need for the first step until the eighth step towards having soft, supple, and glowing skin.

Below are the eight steps of the famous Korean skincare routine:

  1. Deep cleansing. The very first step is to remove make-up from your face. Deep cleansing is to ensure that your skin is free from any possible ingredients that can harm it.
  2. Cleansing. After using a make-up remover from your chosen Korean skincare box, you need to cleanse your face further. A foaming face wash can help.
  3. Exfoliation. Dead skin cells cannot be removed by cleansing alone. An exfoliating product is needed to remove excess dead skin.
  4. Toning. The toner does the magic of making your skin more elastic while minimizing the wrinkles.
  5. Eyecare. Genes must have contributed to the Koreans’ gorgeous eyes. But, did you know that eye care is always part of their skincare routine? Using eye care products can ensure that no dark circles are present around their eyes.
  6. Hydrating and tightening. A unique essence or serum is used to keep the skin hydrated and tightened.
  7. Revitalizing. Mask sheets are used to revitalize the skin. These have skin-revitalizing ingredients like aloe vera, eucalyptus, tea tree, and others.
  8. Moisturizing. The use of moisturizers is essential in the Korean skincare routine. It repairs the skin while nourishing it at the same time.

If this routine is followed religiously, experts say that in no time, you will notice a big difference in your skin. You may even take it to a higher level to achieve the now trending glass skin.

It is good that Korean skincare products are available anywhere and can be easily purchased online. You do not have to visit the famous shopping district in South Korea, Myeongdong, to score on great beauty finds.

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