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Lighting – A Core Element Of Your Home Décor

December 9, 2020

Lighting is the most crucial element in jazzing up the ambience and mood of a room. Even the best architectural walls need proper lighting to bring out the beauty. Light has the power to accentuate space in terms of size, feel, as well as function. The amalgamation of general (functional) lighting and accent lighting makes the best idea of interior décor for your home and are the main pillars upon which the rest of your home décor rests on.

There are several ways of applying good lighting in your home to create pleasant, warm and functional interiors.  One is through Ambience Lighting and the other is through Accent Lighting.

Ambience or General Lighting

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This is pure basic and most popular lighting used for overall lighting and brightening of your rooms. It fulfills the basic function of making the walls, surfaces and spaces bright. Overhead ceiling fixtures or recessed ceiling lights are common examples. These lights often come with the existing house design. It radiates a cozy level of brightness minus the glare.

Ambient lighting can easily be accomplished with wall mounted fixtures such as sconce lights, lanterns, chandeliers, and so on. They’re mostly placed in the central parts of your home for their fundamental functioning.

Accent Lighting

This is the more creative light that enhances every corner it touches. From your flooring, fittings, furniture, walls and even texture of your décor, it is the light that puts final embellishment in your home décor. It complements the style and tone of your style and creates a perfect balance between comfort and functionality.

 If you can’t imagine how this would be, think about the original Levitating Moon Lamp that is the voguish game changer in accent lighting. It brings the incredibly awe-inspiring effects of the real moon right inside your space. 

Source: Galaxy Lamps

It magically floats mid-air ever so silently as it proliferates a warm and very inviting glow into your living space. The Levitating Moon Lamp is a gorgeous décor piece, crafted using advanced 3D technology based on authentic high resolution NASA images to give it the same exact look and texture of the moon. Plus, it charges wirelessly. It’s also a LED light, meaning it’s gentle on the eyes, and made of 100% eco-friendly material to ensure it’s 1000% safe to have it on whenever you want to.

Another brilliant accent light is the Galaxy Projector. Remember accent lighting is about mood setting, and there’s no better light for that than this lighting device that swirls the starry galaxies all over your space for that serene feeling. 

Why is it a showstopper? Because it has Alexa and Google assistant integration where you have full control over the 360° rotation, color combinations you want, brightness adjustment or even the timer schedule. Plus integrated app. Talk about simple sophistication.

Source: Galaxy Lamps


Perfect lighting for your home décor brings functionality and creates a serene mood ambience. Knowing the best lamps or light will help you add chicness, sophistication and elegance to your home.

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