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Patient Appointment Scheduling for Medical Providers

November 6, 2019

In the medical field, it’s important that as a doctor’s office, you have the ability to schedule patient appointments, and that every single one of your staff is able to as well. But what if the phones are all busy currently because your receptionists are already doing this? Should people have to wait and call back to schedule an appointment or leave just a standard voicemail? Absolutely not! When this happens, it can actually deter your practice from getting new patients, or even cause you to lose others because they simply think that as a medical office, you don’t care about them. So what’s the solution? Having a direct call center available to schedule your appointments for you.

Here is an example –

How Does an Answering Service Help?

Of course, you may want to get other packages when you get an answering service, but for starters, you get the luxury of knowing that if at any time your office can’t take calls, your answering service can pick up the slack for you. Or maybe if you’re a sole practitioner for your own clinic, it can greatly help you avoid having to hire a full team of receptionists to represent your office. When you hire the right service for your needs, you can also have true representatives act as virtual assistants and your patients won’t even know they’re not calling your office.

Bring on the Telemarketers

Solicitors are a big burden to any business, even if they do have some solid products that you want to purchase. The medical field is no different, and having your phone lines bogged down by solicitors not only takes away time from your patient appointments, but it also hinders your ability to do your job to the fullest, because it can take precious time away from your practice. Therefore, you want a company that can represent your office, take the appropriate messages and forward them along to you so that you can call back only those who you wish to get ahold of.

Having the Right Services

Another great thing about hiring a great call answering service is that the best ones are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and end up staying open all year-round. This means that even when your offices are closed for holidays, vacations, and more, you can actually have the right appointments booked appropriately and not have to worry about anything in the foreground while everything is set for you in the background.


For the best answering services and appointment schedulers, you’ll want to definitely look at those which are offered by Answering365. They follow HIPPA compliances, and have numerous health accreditations that can prove to you that their team of highly trained professionals will be able to meet your needs so you never have to worry about appointments again and just let them come when your patients arrive. Even better, they provide a way that you can look from the outside into everything that’s going on through their extensive helpdesk portal in which you can get e-mails, see all incoming calls, logs, notes, and so much more as well to ensure you’re not missing anything important, and you can get back to what’s the most important.

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