Preparing For a Cruise: 13 Things to Pack Before Your Trip

March 6, 2020

Are you ready for your next boating adventure? Make sure you’re properly preparing for a cruise by packing the right items for your trip.

After long periods of working hard, you deserve to treat yourself with a good vacation. If it’s summer, one of the first things that come to mind is cruising.

There’s nothing more therapeutic than watching the stars from a boat. If you’ve chosen a destination and booked your cruise then you’re almost ready.

Check out these important items you don’t want to forget when preparing for a cruise.

What Should You Know When Going On a Boat Trip

If you’ve never been on a boat trip before, you probably have no idea about what to prepare for. Here is a guide to the things that you’re going to need to bring.

1. Boat Safety Equipment

When preparing for a cruise remember to take into consideration your safety. The law demands you have a fire extinguisher, flares, horns, and other boating necessities.

Keeping these things onboard helps to keep you safe should the worst happen.

2. Life Jackets

This is the most important garment you can possibly wear. Remember to pack one for every family member who is going cruising. It’s one of the most critical items on a boat ride.

Typically on large cruise boats, they are administered to you so be sure to ask if not.

3. Boating Equipment & Electronics

Safety inspections require that there are certain items of electronic equipment on board.

Some of the items are GPS devices, nautical charts, and cell phones. You should always check if the radio is working as this is one of the most important pieces of equipment on board.

5. Waterproof Camera

Bring your binoculars, camera or GoPro if you want to grab some cool photos during your boat adventure. A waterproof camera is essential for a boat ride vacation. There will be multiple opportunities to capture sea life, beautiful sunsets, and picture-perfect coasts, which will make up your memories.

You could share the pictures with family members and friends who weren’t able to go with you, as well as share with your social media fans.

6. Prepare a Playlist

When preparing for a cruise, remember to compile a list of your preferred songs. This will help avoid distractions trying to switch and decide on songs. Nothing makes a sailing vacation interesting like your favorite tunes.

Also, be sure to have your devices fully charged so that you can listen to tunes uninterrupted.

7. Portable Chargers

Since most of the electronics you’re carrying will need powering, pack portable power banks, and chargers. You don’t want everything shutting down when you’re in the middle of your cruising experience. You might also need power plug adapters depending on the location.

Do your research beforehand to know what you’ll need.

8. Snacking & Drinking

You’ll definitely want to load up on drinks and food for your trip. If it’s not possible to access a fridge, insulate your food in portable coolers to keep it fresh. To avoid the last-minute rush, it’s advisable to prepare a menu early in advance.

After coming up with a menu, make a list of the groceries you’ll need, depending on the number of people going for the boat hire trip.

Packing a little bit extra is a good idea, as long as it’s not too much to end up spoiled. You’ll also want to buy enough drinks and snacks, as this is the time to have those late-night talks. To be on the safe side, carry non-perishable snacks too.

9. Games & Activities

Bring the accessories required for water sports and family game nights. For water sports, carry wakeboards, snorkeling masks, and your favorite water sports equipment. For game nights consider cards and board games.

You can also research a number of fun games that wouldn’t require any materials in advance. A boat ride vacation is the best place and time to bond with your family, especially if you’ve not been spending time together.

10. First Aid Kit

Make sure you pack first aid supplies like gauze, bandages, and antiseptic. Also, be sure to include things like motion sickness pills that you might not have in mind. The pill is crucial, especially if this is the first time you’ll be sailing.

Add some painkillers, allergies and decongestant, and something for a fever. Remember to pack your prescription drugs if you’re under medication. Ask if you’ll need any vaccinations. In most cases, an insect-repellent is necessary.

11. Sunscreen/Protectant

Although this sounds obvious, since this is a guide on preparing for a cruise, it’s crucial to mention you need sunglasses, chapstick, or sunscreen. You can also avoid direct sunlight by wearing a hat.

Sometimes it can get very hot, and you could be exposed to more UV rays than usual, which could affect your skin. Keep your skin protected at all times to avoid burning.

12. Comfortable Shoes

It’s a good idea to pack non-slippery shoes and slippers when preparing for a cruise.

You can never be too cautious when you’re miles away from the shores. Boat surfaces can be slippery, and it’s best to avoid anything that may trigger falls.

13. A Dry Bag For Your Documents

When you’re on a boat ride, you’re likely to get wet. Therefore, it’s essential you have a dry bag set aside to secure your documents to avoid any damage.

For other items like towels, shoes, and clothes, make sure you have two of each item, just in case.

Use These Tips to Start Preparing For a Cruise

Preparing for a cruise can get a little hectic but it’s exciting nonetheless. It’s beneficial to start packing as early as possible so that you have to time to double (or triple) check your bags.

Use this guide to create a list of essentials ahead of time. Once you’ve got the essentials packed, all that’s left is for you to enjoy the experience.

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