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The Beautiful Look Rustic Ceiling Fans Can Give Your Home

May 23, 2020

Nothing says welcome home like country-style decor that reminds you of childhood or a time when life was more simple. It’s not always easy to recreate the past, but luckily there is a way to do it within your home.

Although today’s home designs are geared towards an upscale look, country and farmhouse decor are still in style. Items such as rustic ceiling fans are making a big impact within the home interior world amongst those who enjoy having a vintage vibe in their residence.

If you are looking for a way to spruce up your space while also keeping it simple and inviting, keep reading the information below.

What are Rustic Ceiling Fans?

Rustic ceiling fans provide a wide variety of fixtures for interior and exterior design. Most of them have a bronze or white finish with natural-looking wood such as oak or walnut.

A farmhouse ceiling fan can change the entire look of your living room, kitchen, or patio while also giving each room a warm, welcoming feeling.

Rustic Ceiling Fan Style: Design Ideas

Decorating with lodge style ceiling fans or weathered ceiling fans is great, but it’s vital to know how to pair it with other decorations to bring the space to life. With that said, here are some rustic home decorating ideas to help make your vintage style decor complete.

Repurposed Antiques

Repurposing an antique is a great way to give your bedroom or living room a warm, throwback design. For instance, using an antique bookshelf and stocking it with old books and encyclopedias gives your office space a classic design that you don’t see too often nowadays.

Also, instead of going for a modern look in your bathroom, using a redesigned antique dresser as a bathroom sink is another way to give the area an impressive look and style.


Fireplaces have been around for many years and they’ve never stopped trending. And although a fireplace is still considered modern decor, having an old-world fireplace can completely change the vibe in your home.

Designing it with a stone or brick mantle allows you to give your space a cozy atmosphere that can’t be done with modern design. Plus, pairing it with a farmhouse ceiling fan style brings the look together.

Wood Beams

If you’re looking for a way to make rustic ceiling fans pop, add wood beams to your ceiling. It’s a stylish and unique way to give any room a country feel while also adding an eye-catching design. Putting wood beams in a living room or kitchen is the best way to bring the most attention to them.

Neutral, Earth Tones

You can’t create a country-style decor with bright colors, and in today’s time, bold colors are a part of modern design. However, if you want to keep your home feeling a bit old school Earth tone colors are the way to go. Choose a color scheme with pigments such as brown, beige, dark green, and soft orange.

Stone wall

A stone wall goes nicely with weathered ceiling fans. A stone wall design just gives the area a bold look that is both welcoming and intriguing at the same time. Stone walls look great in living rooms and also in the kitchen; they can be used as an accent wall, a mantle, or even backsplash.

Reclaimed Wood

Nothing says vintage like reclaimed wood. You can get the wood material from an old Barn or salvaged wood in order to create a floor or furniture with it. The idea is to give the room a weathered, country look that reminds you of farm life or a log cabin.

The Best Places to Install a Ceiling Fan

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with installing a ceiling fan in any part of your home. However, there are some areas of a house that are absolutely perfect for ceiling fans.

Living Room

One of the most obvious places to install a ceiling fan is in the living room. It’s one of the areas of your home that get lots of attention and most likely is heavily decorated. By using lodge style ceiling fans in the living room is an amazing idea because they can make the space feel like a getaway in the mountains.


When most people think of a patio, ceiling fans don’t often come to mind but they make the perfect addition to exterior decor, especially when you’re going for a rustic look on the patio. By adding wick style furniture or a lemonade set on the table, it brings the look altogether.

Dining Room

If you have a country-style kitchen, it deserves a ceiling fan to pair with it. Weathered ceiling fans look amazing over picnic-style tables or wooden table furniture.

Make Your Home Your Getaway

Your home should be a place that makes you feel good on the inside and also creates a place of escape for you. With all the hustle and bustle of life, having an area in your home that creates a calming environment for you is essential.

As you can see from the information above, installing rustic ceiling fans it’s just one way of creating a vintage look within your abode.

Luckily, finding ways to give your space a throwback style is fairly easy, especially since the old-world look is trendy these days.

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