Tip for Cleaning the Magnetic Screen Door

November 2, 2021

Magnetic screen doors are quite popular in several households because of the comfort they provide. The Magnetic Screen Door – Retractable Mesh with Self Sealing Magnets have several features which make them easy to use. Some of the doors are made with side snaps that help in holding the doors open as well as full-strip magnets.

For anyone who is searching for multifunctional, effective, and user-friendly doors, going in for the recently introduced magnetic retractable screens is a good choice. Similar to other screens, the magnetic screen has to be properly cleaned to maintain their beauty since they are easily pruned to dust and will quickly show off any dirt. It is also important to have them cleaned frequently especially in homes where some kids and pets will of course always play and touch the screens.

About the magnetic retractable screens

The magnetic screen doors are quite easy to use since they are connected to the inner point of the window frame and all the user needs to do is draw them from the side when the need arises. How do they function? Quite easy! The magnets are connected to the window and even the frame. When positioned together, a sturdy seal is created which insects or bugs cannot penetrate. 

Cleaning the screen itself

Magnetic screen doors are quite easy to clean and not as complicated as most people think. For daily maintenance, it is possible to have them dusted using a feather duster or even dusting cloth to get rid of the dust and dirt that can accumulate on them. If the dust on the screen is too much that it cannot be dusted well, it is possible to wash the screen without any complications.

Simply pull the screen and position it far away from the wall and have it washed properly with soapy water before rinsing it. When the screen dries off, take it back to the window; for people who often dust their magnetic screens, make sure to wash them at least two times a month. This helps in keeping the environment clean and healthy especially for homes that have either kids or pets.

Cleaning the magnets and frame

When cleaning the screen of a magnetic door, it is also important to clean the magnets in the course of it because they need the magnets to be in good condition before functioning properly. Cleaning the magnets is not difficult, to achieve this, simply separate the screen from the window completely and clean the magnetic fastening strips using either a clean dry cloth or a clean wet cloth. This process should be sufficient enough in getting rid of any accumulated dust and stains on it. A mild cleaning detergent can also be used to completely take out any amassed oily stains on the magnets.

Final word

The Magnetic Screen Door – Retractable Mesh with Self Sealing Magnets offer durable protection and are also quite easy to clean. The self-sealing magnet makes the door function properly without any human effort. They are also easy to clean as all the user needs is clean water and soap in extreme cases or simply use a clean dry cloth to dust it. Another alternative is to use vinegar in clean water to wash the screen and bring it back to its original state.

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