Top 4 Real Estate Farming Ideas to Better Connect with Your Customers

March 23, 2022

If you use real estate farming postcards for generating real estate leads, you’re on the right track. The cards, when displayed in a colorful 6” x 9” style, do a lot to help you get noticed. Of course don’t forget to add your company, contact details, and a professional picture so you can build your brand and stay in your audience’s thoughts. When they need to contact a realtor, they’ll think of your first!

Farming real estate, in this case, is not about plowing a field for harvest although you are seeking to cultivate and harvest leads for your business. This method of developing your business locally allows you to target the customers who can best use your services. It’s not just about sending cards to a specific zip code.

To connect well with local residents, you have to determine your demographic and then send out messages that are pertinent to them. For example, you may focus your farming on empty nesters (older people who want to scale down to a smaller house or newly married couples who wish to make some real estate changes in about five years). In these instances, you can send out listing information that works specifically for them.

Top Real Estate Farming Ideas

Your real estate farming postcard ideas should also extend to popular concepts, always well-received regardless of your audience. Below are the top ideas that will capture your audience’s immediate notice.

1. Agent Introduction Postcards

Are you new to real estate? If so, send out postcards to introduce yourself and your real estate services to possible buyers and sellers. This is your initial connection to your local market, so make sure you make a great impression. Showcase your skills and perhaps include an interesting fact about the area as well. Again, include the necessary contact details and a professional image.

2. Just Listed Postcards

Just listed postcards always work for gleaning leads,as they inform possible buyers about market activities. You should get into the habit of sending just listed postcards weekly to create a local buzz and keep in constant contact with your community.

3. Holiday Real Estate Postcards

Don’t forget to send out those meaningful real estate postcards during Christmas and New Year’s. Let your local community know how much you appreciate their business – that you’re looking forward to serving them in the coming year. You might even hint at the fact that New Year’s is a good time to make a resolution to sell their home. Holiday real estate postcards build goodwill and are the ideal way to spread business and holiday cheer.

4. Recipes Real Estate Postcards

What do you think about when you are looking to buy a house? Some of the thoughts that may flood your head have to do with cooking – such as the smells of just baked bread or pumpkin pie. Therefore, sending out postcards with recipes is an ideal way to relate with customers. After all, who doesn’t like to smell and taste good food? A sure-fire winner of a recipe will keep you in your customers’ minds.

Use Real Estate Farming to Connect Locally

Real estate farming postcards are great marketing aids for the realtor who wants to build connections and leads locally. Use them regularly to stay in touch with your valued customers and local residents.

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