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Top 5 Best House Paint Colors for 2020

March 30, 2020

Color can be truly transformative. Especially when it’s on your walls. If you’ve been in the mood for an interior design change, one of the easiest things you can do is update your paint color.

Whether you decide to repaint a room, add a bold accent wall, or repaint your whole house, new paint color can quickly turn your home from outdated to modern.

Spruce up your home this year by painting it a brand new color! Here are the top 5 best house paint colors for 2020.

1. Earthy Green

One of the biggest shifts in paint color for 2020 is a move towards more natural tones. This is making shades of green a popular choice for both paint color and home decor.

These trendy and earthy shades of green range from light sage to deep emerald, leaving a variety of options to choose from. This trend, however, excludes the primary shade of green and focuses more on the shades with many undertones such as moody greens or greenish-grays.

These colors feel like they are directly pulled from the earth and can help to bring a restorative feeling to a room.

2. Blues

Another popular color for 2020 will be navy and other similar shades of dusty blue. Although we’ve seen blue in the past, this year’s trend will change to match warmer undertones.

Like any popular color, blue will always be in style, but the undertones are what really sets these shades of blue apart from trends of the

Blueish shades with hints of indigo are going to be very popular. As well as airy dusty blues with slight yellow undertones. You will even see a lot of blueish-blacks with muted undertones.

3. Warm Tones

If you’re looking for a bolder trend to follow in 2020, look towards bold and warm shades of orange, yellow, and taupe.

Think earth rust colors, or dusty shades of yellow. These bright tones are perfect for creating a warm and inviting environment. Consider hiring painting services to create the perfect accent wall with this color pallet.

4. Black

Another surprising trend in 2020 is the rise of black interior paint. We’ve seen this color creeping into the interior paint scene, but this year looks towards blacks with unique undertones.

These blacks with hints of green, violet, or blue are the perfect choice for an industrial aesthetic. Black interior paint pairs
particularly well with lighter shades of wood.

5. Organic Neutrals

Neutrals are always in style. But as mentioned above, trends tend to do more with the color’s undertones than the color itself.

Say goodbye to cool grays and hello to warmer neutrals. These neutral colors will mimic earthy sand tones and have hints of gold and
yellow. This color choice is perfect for any area of your home and can help to create warmth without being too bold.

Play Around With These Paint Colors For 2020

These popular paint colors for 2020 are the perfect way to add some life to your home. Whether you decide to go for a comforting sage green, a warm rusty orange, or a bold black, this overall shift to a warm color pallet will have you feeling cozy all year long.

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