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Treat Your Yarn Right with Proper Storage Techniques

March 26, 2019

It’s a nightmare for anyone who loves knitting and crocheting: a mess of yarn, all tangled up with knots and colorsmixed up. Or maybe the yarn you just ordered has gone mysteriously missing, or you’re midway through a project and can’t find the next coloryou need. You know you’ve got a good yarn collection but nothing is ever where you thought you left it last.

For those who love to knit and crochet, it doesn’t take long before the yarn supply in your home multiplies. With online yarn providers that let you choose between hundreds of yarn colors for any project, it is easy to find all sorts of colorsand textures for your yarn projects.

Here are some yarn storage solutions that you can use to stay organized and on top of your knitting and crocheting supplies. These solutions look good, too, so they also can act as nice home fixtures that can spruce up a room and inspire your creativity.

Repurposed Wine Cabinet

A wine cabinet or a wall-mounted wine rack are both great yard sale finds. You might not think that you’ve got the collection of cabernets to require a wine rack, but these pieces of furniture can be quite versatile. If you’ve already got a wine cabinet that doesn’t get much use, then you can move it to your crafting area and keep your skeins of yarn where the bottles typically go.

Crib Rail / Ladder Storage

For a bare-bones, minimalist look, you can recycle one of the bed rails of an old crib for yarn storage. You can also do this with a small wooden ladder that is largely for decoration. With the crib rail on its side and propped up against a wall, you can keep your yarn between the wooden spindles. This works well for thick yarn, that can hold its own shape. If you have smaller balls, you could pin the yarn in place for storage.

Keep Your Yarn Inside of Other Yarn

Have you explored the world of making crochet baskets? It’s easy to create a basket to whatever size and shape you need using a durable wool. You can use the basket as your main storage unit for your yarn and all your knitting or crochet supplies.

Wooden Crate Display

On their sides and pushed up against a wall, wooden crates assembled into a cubby formation are an excellent storage solution. You can use as many or as few crates as you like, and even mix things up with some crates horizontal and others vertical. This type of storage solution might require mild handiwork if you’d like to secure it all by nailing the crates together, but once set up it looks great and lets you organize by color, type, size, you name it.

These are only a few examples of the ways you can modify furniture or build your own creative yarn storage solutions. With a little imagination, it’s possible to create a gorgeous yarn storage display that keeps your supplies organized and in good condition. There’s no need to ever rustle through a tangle of yarn again once you set up your own organized collection.

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