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Pretty, Beautiful, Sexy & Scary Vampire Halloween Makeup Ideas

September 15, 2016

Pretty beautiful scary & sexy vampire Halloween Makeup becomes so popular from last few years. People likes to have scary & sexy vampire Halloween makeup. So they all try to become a vampire by adding their unique style. You can have a scary & sexy vampire look too if you follow some basic and simple steps. Moreover different movies and books have popularized this look among people. This look can change the whole out look of a person and can transform him in to a new creature. So here is the list of things you need to have a classy vampire look.

  • Makeup palate especially the one which has red, white and black eye shadows.
  • Sponges for applying makeup
  • Black eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Fake blood
  • Lipstick (red, black)
  • Fangs

You can buy the fangs and fake blood from any store which sells Halloween makeup and costumes and if in any case you are unable to them then do not worry. You still have a lot of time to make your own artificial fangs and fake blood. You can use things at home which are not useable and can make something new from them. For making fake vampire fangs you need these things

  • Fake nails
  • Acrylic gel/ dental wax

By following these steps you can make fangs for your scary vampire look. Take the artificial nails which are closer to your natural teeth. If not then you can paint the nails as well. Cut the nails in to a triangle shape. Put it on your teeth to have a rough idea, file it too just to have the sharper look then grab some dental wax and apply it on the back of nail. After that put the nail on your teeth. Your fake vampire teeth is ready.

Makeup steps you need to follow.

  • You need to clean your face before applying any makeup. A clean face can make your make up look smooth and natural.
  • Apply foundation which is lighter than your actual face color. Vamps are night creatures and they look pale. Spread it all over your face and neck area, also into the ears. Set it with the translucent powder.
  • With the help of makeup brush apply the mixture of black and purple color on the hollows of your cheek, on the forehead, temples and bridge of the nose.
  • For eyes apply primer on the eyelids. This will make the color pop and more natural. Apply the same shadow which you have applied on the cheeks. Drag the color to the inner corner of the eyes and blend it to give the most natural look. Start building up the color slightly. A heavy application of eyeliner would add a scarier look.
  • You need to make your lips as if you have just drank some blood. For this you can use a bright red lipstick or lip gloss. Apply it on your lips and give it a dripping effect by drawing some lines underneath your lower lip.
  • Lastly add some fake fangs and make some fake veins by drawing thin lines under your eyes. We recommend using these eyeliner pencils for sharp lines that will last.

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