What Makes Sustainable Packaging Eco-Friendly?

March 5, 2021

Increasingly, companies are turning to sustainable packaging for storing their products. While you have probably noticed the abundance of flexible pouches and vacuum sealed packets in stores, you may not have considered how these kinds of packaging are more sustainable and eco-friendly than more traditional containers such as cartons or cases. Essentially, it all comes down to minimizing waste. Printed mylar bags typically use less material than other containers, and this material can be made to be recycled or naturally degraded over time.

What Is Sustainable Packaging?

The term sustainable can sometimes be confusing for consumers to wrap their heads around. Many companies like to claim that their products are sustainable while in reality doing little to minimize their plastic and carbon footprint. A sustainable material is one that can be continuously produced without having a markedly negative effect on the environment. In most cases, this means that a material has either been recycled already, is recyclable, or can be naturally composted without leaching harmful chemicals into the ground. Sustainable pouch packaging is attractive for consumers, since it allows them to purchase products without lingering guilt over creating unnecessary waste.

When designing eco-friendly packaging, every step of the production process should be considered. For this reason, packages that use sustainable ink and solventless lamination are smart choices for concerned manufacturers. Though seemingly insignificant, the addition of a recyclable zipper can also increase a product’s sustainability profile. Since successful recycling depends on appropriate processing, each package should be stamped with a drop-off symbol and code.

Tips for Designing Sustainable Pouch Packaging

Sustainable pouches are highly customizable and can easily be printed with company logos and designs. Because flexible pouches are so easy to produce, they can be customized with transparent windows, hang holes, durable films, and other features that improve functionality. If you are looking for packaging for your product, here are a few things you should consider:

  1. What design features are your customers most likely to respond to?
  2. To what extent does your product need to be protected from spoilage?
  3. What are the ideal dimensions of your product?
  4. How can your packaging best showcase your product to your customers?

When it comes to selling your product, appealing packaging is indispensable. Consumers often make purchasing decisions solely on the basis of attractive packaging. While this fact can sometimes be frustrating, it also represents an opportunity to dramatically increase your sales. Though every product is unique, successful designs are often minimal, emphasizing only the traits that are most desired by consumers. Products that are truly sustainable often outsell those that are not, so don’t be afraid to pat yourself on the back on your packaging.

Custom stand up pouches use considerably less plastic than rigid containers, and are easy to recycle and compost when used to house appropriate products. When you opt to incorporate sustainable characteristics in your custom pouches, you and your customers can feel good about your product. Flexible pouches come with a wide variety of custom options, so there is no reason not to minimize your company’s eco-footprint.

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