Winter Clothing Options to Keep You Warm and Stylish

August 25, 2022

For many of us, layering up in puffy coats and wool hats is the best defense against the raging winds of winter, and it works rather well. However, there are those that prefer style over functionality. But why can’t we have both? As it turns out, we can! There are plenty of clothing options that will not only keep you snug as a bug in a rug but maintain your sense of fashion in the process. Here are a few choices to consider when rooting through your closet in the morning.


What’s better for the holiday season than a thick, warm sweater? They can be fuzzy, knitted, wool, sewn, stitched, and just about every other way you can think of! Sweater vests are another viable option, and introducing layers into your wardrobe by wearing an undershirt can really add an extra dimension to your wardrobe. Some are stylish, but if you’re feeling crazy, ugly sweaters can be a lot of fun, too. Pick one up with your favorite character stitched across the chest, or wear the gaudiest one you can find to a Christmas party. You might not win any fashion contests, but it’s a sure way to have a good time. 

Sharp Peacoats

Depending on your job, you might be required to stick to a strict dress code, like a suit or business clothing. While you probably won’t find any cut-offs at an accounting firm or a marketing company, that doesn’t mean you can’t arrive in style. Throwing a classy-looking peacoat over your business attire will keep you warm and maintain your sense of fashion. Peacoats can be used for casual and business wear, plus, they are sleek and simple. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics, though wool is typically a popular choice. They tend to be a little higher in price, but affordable options are also available, both for men and women. With high collars and pristine buttons, the peacoat is a must-own for fall and winter.

Cozy Cardigans

Cardigans are an excellent choice when it comes to looking professional and staying warm. They’re light enough to keep you from sweltering but warm enough to prevent shivers. They look great when worn casually, but particularly nice cardigans can even be pulled off at work or in other professional environments when worn correctly and paired with complementary accessories.

Warm? Check. Stylish. Check. 

When we want our house to look inviting, we remodel. When we want our ride to look sleek, we give it a Precision Car Restoration. But when it comes to ourselves, we dress in the most fashionable attire possible. With these warm yet robust winter clothing options, you’re sure to turn some heads come winter.

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