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Tips To Make Your Move Less Stressful

After the exciting, but the sometimes stressful process of choosing your new house, you’ll be ready to move. Once you’ve packed the never-ending amount of clothes and kitchenware, you then have to unpack it all…we’re exhausted just thinking about it. To make your next…

October 8, 2018
Home and Garden

6 Amazing Outdoor Party Decor Ideas for Fall 2018

As the weather changes, it goes cooler and the leaves turn up their color, these signs indicate that we should plan to host FALL celebrations. If you are planning to organize a big bash party in Autumn, then don’t worry we have got you…

September 15, 2018
Hot House
Home and Garden

4 Reasons Not to Live in a Hot House

With temperatures that can become extreme in months like July and August, Houston homeowners have to come to grips with the heat. In the hot weather, the best solution would be a quick retreat into the sanctuary of an air-conditioned home. This explains the…

August 29, 2018