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3 Major Reasons You Should Call a Plumber

November 17, 2021

Since the mid-1800’s we have had indoor plumbing in residential homes. Plumbers and pipefitters are trained for years to learn all of the ins and outs of fixing everything from leaking pipes to clogged drains, which proves why home plumbing repairs should not be performed.

Issues with home plumbing can be tricky, and many people don’t know whether they should call in a professional plumber or not. Learn about a few common plumbing issues and when is the right time to call for help so that you don’t end up having major issues.

1. A Major Clog

We have all had a toilet that doesn’t want to flush or a sink that won’t drain. Every instance of a clogged toilet or sink does not necessarily demand the attention of a professional plumber.

There may be minor instances that simply need the use of a toilet plunger or a drain treatment product to fix. But, it is hard to know the difference between a minor and a major clog if you don’t know anything about plumbing.

The best thing to do is to call a professional just in case it is an issue that is more serious than the average person can fix.

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2. Dripping Faucets

Have you noticed a slow (or fast) drip coming from a faucet that is turned off? A sink that has been dripping and leaking for a long period may leave a mark in your sink especially if you have hard water.

Essentially a dripping faucet is not dangerous. However, a slow drip is a waste of water and over time can waste a large amount of water.

If you pay for your water usage you could notice that your bill is slightly higher than the previous month’s bills.

Drips may come from the faucet itself or could come from the connections of the faucet. Often a leaking faucet is due to a dried seal, loose connection, or a faucet that needs to be completely replaced.

It is not recommended to attempt to fix a dripping faucet or replace a faucet on your own, instead call waterworkplumbing.com for quick and thorough service.

3. Burst or Leaking Pipes

Finding evidence of a leaking pipe usually means finding wet items under your sink. If a pipe has been leaking for a while and goes unnoticed it could start to create damage in the form of rotting wood or worse.

Once a leaking pipe is discovered and a plumber has been called you should clear out the area under the pipe and place a bucket or container to catch the water. Also, avoid using that sink if you can.

Thankfully a burst pipe is the least common plumbing problem. This will usually happen when the temperatures drop below freezing and require the immediate assistance of a plumber.

Call The Plumber

Err on the side of cautious when it comes to issues with your home’s plumbing to avoid things getting worse, possibly developing mold, and creating more expensive damages.

Reach out to your plumber for help, then check out some of our other helpful posts for everyday life hacks.

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