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How to Style up your Kitchen with Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets

December 29, 2022

Styling up your kitchen is fun and easy if you make use of the right cabinetry. Read this article to find out how you can make your kitchen stylish with navy blue kitchen cabinets. 

Should you consider applying navy blue color on your cabinetry when remodelling your kitchen? Navy blue is one of the trending shades of blue in modern kitchen décor. Its timeless cool appeal makes it perfect for creating contrast in the kitchen interior since it can blend perfectly with several colors. In this article, we will find out how to style up a kitchen with navy blue kitchen cabinets

Is Navy Blue Ideal for Kitchen Cabinetry?

From time immemorial, the navy blue color has stood out as an alluring option for kitchen interior decoration. The colour is so popular that it has been used in almost all interior designs. Here are the reasons why the navy blue colour is perfect for kitchen cabinetry. 

Beauty and Class

The darkish hue of the navy blue color comes with an air of extravagance and a touch of beauty. Its light shade works perfectly in balancing the lighting in a kitchen, when applied to the cabinets. With navy blue kitchen cabinets, the interior of your kitchen will look not just cool but peaceful and relaxing as well. 

Color Combinations

Like the colour white, different shades of blue can be mixed with different colours. Whether you want to install colored kitchenware and furniture or play out with colours on the walls and ceiling, the navy blue is a perfect choice. 

Easy to Take Care of

Many shades of the colour blue, including navy blue are good at hiding dirt marks. This implies than navy blue kitchen cabinets can still expose the cool glow of the color blue even after tear and wear. 

Nevertheless, regular cleaning of your kitchen is a must-do unless you want the dirt marks to compile and make your kitchen area to be dirty. 

Emotional Appeal

Researchers have shown that navy blue is the most relaxing color. The fact that the color is nature-based means that it can provide you with relief from stress by enhancing your moods. Hence, you are more likely to establish an emotional connection with your cooking house if you install navy blue kitchen cabinets

How Can I Enhance the Look in my Kitchen with Navy Blue Cabinetry?

From blending navy blue with other different shades, to installation of lighting fixtures and extra spaces, there are numerous ways to transform the outlook of a kitchen with navy blue cabinets. Below are some of the proven strategies. 

Incorporate other Colors

The best thing about the color blue and its different shades is that they can be perfectly mixed with other colors. Below are the trending kitchen color combination ideas that you need to know if you have navy blue cabinetry. 

Navy blue cabinetry with white kitchen walls

White is the best shade of color you can use with navy blue. The contrast between the two colors is what makes them easy to blend. The combination of navy blue and white gives out a lively but relaxing appeal. 

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinetry with Metallic Hardware

You can enhance the look of your kitchen by installing metallic implements on your navy blue cabinetry. The dark shade of navy blue can blend well with the outlook of gold or stainless steel to create a magical appeal. You need to incorporate stainless steel or golden kitchenware to complement the outlook.

Free up your Kitchen

The darkish hue of navy blue makes it a dominative color. Thus, kitchens with smaller spaces may at times look congested if the cabinetries are bluish. You need to free up space if you want your kitchen to stand out with navy blue kitchen cabinets. You can replace some closed shelves with open shelving to enhance the space in your kitchen. Alternatively, you can discard various old and unused items to free up space in your cooking hall. 

Enhance the Kitchen Lighting

Another surest way to enhance the look of your cooking house with navy blue cabinetry is to enhance the lighting system. Because navy blue is dark, your kitchen will require more lighting for every features to come out. You can either add extra open spaces like windows to take advantage of natural light or simply install pendant lights whose features align with the outlook of your cabinetry. 

Tips on how to Choose Navy Blue Cabinetry

Because kitchen cabinetry come in a myriad of designs and shades, there are things you need to consider if you want to pick the best cabinetry

These include the following;


You need to consider the quality of cabinets before choosing the ones for your kitchen. Depending on their material and price, cabinets come in different qualities in terms of material. You should consider going for high-quality cabinetry if you want something that is durable. 


You must take into account the various cabinetry prices before choosing the drawer of your choice. Prices are determined by many factors, including quality of material, features, and size of the cabinets.

Size of your Kitchen

It is arguably impossible to find cabinetry that can fit inside your kitchen unless you know the exact size of the kitchen. Hence, it is recommended that you consider the size of your cooking hall before choosing cookhouse drawers. The amount of available space in your kitchen will inform you about the size of cabinetry it deserves. 

Where to find the Cabinetry

You need to know where to find cabinetries if you must pick the best navy blue kitchen cabinets for your cookhouse. Whereas there are many places you can find kitchen cabinets for sale, you should only go where prices are affordable and quality is guaranteed. 

Here’s where you can find navy blue cabinetries for sale. 

  • Online shopping sites
  • Furniture store near you

Final Words

It is easy to style up your kitchen if you have navy blue kitchen cabinets. The navy blue color not only looks cool and attractive but can also be mixed with different colors. Follow the tip discussed here to upgrade your kitchen.

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