Like Joey Ramone: Your Complete Guide to Punk Rock Fashion

February 21, 2020

Want to embrace punk rock fashion but don’t know where to start? We can help you out. Read on to learn how to look as cool as Joey Ramone.

From street style to haute couture, punk rock fashion is one style that’s still taking the world by storm.

Whether you’re a fan of punk music or just adore the look, where do you start so you can show off your rebellious punk rock side?

Read on for a few tips to help you discover how to dress in classic punk style.

The Leather Jacket: A Punk Rock Fashion Staple

Classic and clean, you simply cannot go wrong with a black leather jacket. These stylish staples are the hallmarks of punk rock fashion and have been a part of the look for decades.

Look for black moto jackets with a cropped length or try something vintage from your local thrift store. Whatever you decide, black leather is perfect for layering and adds to the punk aesthetic. Just make sure you don’t use iron-on patches on your leather jacket, and read more here to learn why.

Wear the Right Footwear

You can’t really show off your punk rock style if you’re wearing fancy shoes. The ultimate footwear for punk rockers is either a classic combat boot or Chuck Taylors.

Sport a pair of high top sneakers with denim for a slouchy punk aesthetic. You can also wear black combat boots or Doc Martens if you want to showcase the epitome of punk rock fashion. Make sure your footwear is stylish, but also comfortable if you’re planning to attend some live punk shows.

Spikes and Studs

From chokers to belts, accessories with spikes or studs are definitely part of punk rock culture. You can find these types of accessories in most stores or online to complete the look.

Wear a black leather bracelet or choker accented with silver studs for a dramatic look. Belts with spikes are another classic element to add to your punk rock ensemble. You may be able to find these in thrift stores, online, or at many accessory retailers.

Custom Band T-Shirts

The true heart and soul of punk rock culture is to do everything DIY. If you have a favorite band, consider making your own custom t-shirt with the band’s logo.

Make a stencil and spray paint it directly on an old white t-shirt. You can also do this with sew-on patches that feature your beloved punk bands. Add patches or stencils to everything including bags, jeans, and hoodies for a true punk rock look.

Punk Rock is Always in Style

Whether you try just one or all of these ideas, they’re the perfect way to showcase your love of punk rock fashion. Mix things up with a black leather jacket along with a white tee bearing your favorite band’s name.

Don’t forget to wear punk footwear like Converse or combat boots. Pair denim with leather and spikes to finish your look.

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