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Small Outdoor Bar Ideas To Add A Touch Of Elegance To Your Patio

September 21, 2020

With the great Australian summer only a few months away, most homeowners are already planning to prepare their outdoor living area, and if you like the idea of having your own bar, this article was written with you in mind.

Stand-Alone Island Bar

This could be crafted from hardwood or bamboo, and with lockable wheels, you have the ideal drink-serving platform, which should be at the right height for your guests to use as a bar. The great thing about an island bar is people can access all four sides, and there are many great designs if you visit an outdoor furniture centre, where you can see garden furniture in an outdoor environment. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, a joiner would be able to build a stand-alone bar to your specifications, and designing your own bar is a great conversation piece.

Rear Wall Bar

Of course, a lot depends on your patio area, and if you do have a rear wall, this is the ideal location for a bar, as you have the wall to fix glass and bottle shelves, and with a rattan or bamboo bar feature in front of the wall, with enough space for you to tend the bar, your guest can sit on barstools and enjoy a drink in the shade. Regarding furniture, you can check out the stylish and elegant outdoor furniture in Melbourne stores or you can visit your local furniture store if you leave far from the area. With a choice of styles, you can select a suite that looks like it belongs.

Dining Room Hatchway

If your dining room wall runs along your terrace, you could create a hatchway and when opened, the bar person is on the other side. This is ideal if you have a small patio, as it requires zero space, as the bar itself is located in the home, and this is also great for serving food. A small builder could create the opening in a day or maybe two, and with sliding double glazed windows, you always have access for refreshments.

The Bali Hut Bar

If you really want to create a bar that ticks all the boxes, have a Bali hut commissioned, and while it won’t be cheap, it will be a wise long-term investment. There are several Australian based companies that build Bali huts the natural way and they give a long warranty on these unique shelters, and when sipping your favourite cocktail, it will feel like you’re on a tropical paradise island. This would definitely add to the value of your home, as the hut would be considered a permanent feature of the property, plus you will get many years of service.

It all depends on the area and the surroundings, but before you do anything, consider the many options for adding a bar to your terrace, and then you can either purchase a bar unit, or have one made. Once you have your own bar at home, the desire to go out will diminish, and when you have a day off, you can sit back and drink the coldest of beers on your terrace.

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