Stylish Prom Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

January 17, 2022

A graduation ball is a significant and memorable event in the life of high school students. Girls want to feel like a princess, impress their classmates, and win boys’ hearts. The dress, makeup, and hairstyle – everything should be top-notch and fit the festive occasion.

Top Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Medium-Length Hair

A beautiful hairstyle helps achieve a perfect look, place accents, and create a festive atmosphere. Medium-length hair is common, and hair stylists offer a wide range of stylish options that suit this hair length.

Prom Hairstyles with Bangs

Bangs have been trending since the start of 2021. Blunt bangs gave way to choppy ones that can be asymmetrical or swept to the side. Bangs make the look more playful and feisty. Prom hairstyles with bangs can vary from light flowing to intricate ones.

Hairstyles Without Bangs

Simple and minimalistic hairstyles are also in this year. Forget about complex, sophisticated constructions and go for casual buns, a French or voluminous braid.

Trendy Hairstyles for Medium-Length Hair

The pandemic has left its mark on people’s lives, affecting even the hair industry. Stylists urge to keep track of the latest trends and enjoy every opportunity to look beautiful without much effort. When you look for a prom hairstyle for medium-length hair, consider curling your hair and leaving it loose, which will create a delicate and feminine look. Use a hair straightener to make your hair perfectly smooth.

Small Curls

Small curls are a perfect fit for medium-length hair. Such a hairstyle is rather playful and looks great on shorter girls.

Hollywood Waves

This is a timeless classic that has won the hearts of millions. Hollywood waves will give you an air of a movie star and will definitely attract approving glances. You can also try beachy waves that make you look really charming.

Half-up Ponytail

A colorful and rich dress should be balanced out by a simple hairstyle and makeup. A casual half-up ponytail is a perfect way to complete the outfit.

Hair Crimping

Hair crimping coupled with volume at the roots is another recipe for a stylish hairstyle. Crimped hair goes well with the Malvina hairstyle, putting emphasis on hair volume. Loose crimped hair also looks great.


Short girls can consider doing a babette, also known as a beehive, which will shift the focus to the hair and make a person visually taller. In combination with a nice accessory, this hairstyle will be a splendid finishing touch to an elegant look.

A prom is a very emotional occasion for teenagers who want to celebrate the start of a new stage and graduation from school with style. It is better to decide on your prom hairstyle in advance to look stunningly and make the prom one of the best memories of your youth.

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