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4 Rare Chronic Diseases and How to Prevent Them

In today’s era, we’re exposed to various environmental pathogens that pose a significant threat to our well-being. Likewise, sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy habits also pave the way for various health issues. To live a healthy life, we have to prevent these issues from taking…

December 16, 2021
Health & Fitness

India’s Top Online Hand Sanitizer Store: Just Human

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, using face masks, covering the mouth while sneezing or coughing, and cleaning the hands are some new habits that have become part of life. When it comes to cleaning the hands, hand sanitization is the best and convenient option as…

December 15, 2021
Health & Fitness

What You Should Know About Your Teeth Impression Kit

Have you ever considered that one of the first things you notice in others is their teeth? If your teeth are crooked, crowded or spread out, you are probably a little self-conscious about your smile. After all, doesn’t everyone deserve a great smile? You…

November 22, 2021
Health & Fitness

Phentermine for weight loss

Phentermine (Adipex-P, Lomaira) is an amphetamine-like prescription appetite suppressant. It may aid in weight reduction by lowering appetite or making you feel fuller for longer. For weight reduction, phentermine is also available in conjunction with topiramate (Qsymia). Phentermine, like other prescription weight-loss medications, is…

November 8, 2021
Health & Fitness

Five Ways Herbalife Shakes Can Benefit Your Weight Loss Journey

Herbalife Nutrition’s protein shakes have been around for decades. During that time, they have helped to support good nutritional habits and weight loss for many people across the globe. Here are five specific health benefits of Herbalife shakes. They provide protein Protein is an important…

October 22, 2021
Health & Fitness

Weight Loss and Dieting With Appetite Suppressants

An appetite suppressor is a dietary supplement that may assist customers in reducing the amount of food they want. While it is natural to feel hungry or have desires around mealtime, an excessive appetite may result in excessive calorie consumption. Consuming more than the…

September 27, 2021
Health & Fitness

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain?

Dealing with chronic pain is difficult -especially when your only options for treatment are liver-destroying NSAIDs, and big pharma-approved opioids. While these drugs can bring temporary relief, they often do more harm than good.  Medical marijuana has become a popular alternative to conventional medicine,…

September 20, 2021
Health & Fitness

What Is Best For Me: Invisalign or Braces?

If you have teeth that aren’t as straight as you would like them to be or if you have ever visited a dentist, they may have noticed something about your teeth that you have not. Perhaps, they might have suggested orthodontic care. Most people…

May 19, 2021
Health & Fitness

Why Do You Need Dental Crown

A dental crown is tooth-shaped cap placed over a damaged tooth to restore size, shape, function, strength and appearance. The crown is cemented in place and completely covers the visible part of your tooth. Dental crowns are used where fillings and inlays are unable…

November 23, 2020
Health & Fitness

The History Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is any treatment that improves a person’s appearance and today, there are many cosmetic dental treatments available, such as teeth whitening, teeth straightening and dental implants.  Earliest Forms Of Cosmetic Dentistry The cosmetic dentistry field began as long ago as 700AD, when…

November 12, 2020
Health & Fitness

Mental Health During the Holidays

The holiday season can be stressful because most holidays involve large gatherings of people. For some people, such gatherings can cause anxiety attacks. Some people experience the opposite problem where they get lonely during the holidays mostly because they don’t have people to spend…

September 2, 2020