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Starting an Online Fashion Brand

If you’re a fashion blogger constantly writing about the latest clothing trend, avant-garde designs, and custom couture, you know that there comes a point when you feel ready to sell your own clothing line. Whether these are for a niche market, simple yet practical…

January 28, 2019

Search Smart for Your Level: How to Land an Executive Job

How to Land an Executive Job Looking to climb the ladder or find a new position? Check out what you need to know about getting an executive job. Did you know that happiness makes people 12 % more productive at work? Many people feel they’d be…

January 28, 2019

Five Top Party-Wear Western Dresses

Confused about what to wear for a party at a friend’s place? Picking the right dress for a party is a challenge most women are familiar with.Which girl doesn’t ransack her wardrobe from top to bottom only to realise she’s got nothing to wear…

January 25, 2019

The Origin of Fancy Dress

Throughout history, there is plenty of evidence that dressing up has been a hugely important part of many social scenes and festivities. From masquerade balls to pagan festivals, celebrating life, wealth and religious holidays, all have been greatly enhanced by the addition of costume…

December 19, 2018
clothing buisness
Business Fashion

Clothing Business: Is it For You?

Having a business is a big milestone for your life. It’s something that you’ll invest your money, time, and effort in. Some people choose to work while doing business, but there are also some who are putting all of their time into their business.…

November 19, 2018
Work Shoe

Tips for Buying Most Comfortable Work Shoes

People who work for long hours walking around or standing subject their feet to a lot of stress. Wearing the wrong type of shoes will increase this stress and cause pain and bring about other health complications such as back pains. Therefore, you need…

October 22, 2018
80s Fashion Tips

4 Practical 80s Fashion Tips for Girls

Whether you just want to look like 80s girl with your dressing or attend 80s themed party, you will find practical tips right here to achieve 80s fashion in a stunning manner. The best part is that you can use today’s fashion items to dress like…

October 15, 2018

Latest Swooning Wedding Dress Designs for This Fall

Listen up, fall 2018 brides! Your wedding day is the ultimate celebration of your devotion and love. And as the bride, you are the center of attention all through the happy day! So you better look your best when you say “I do” in…

August 31, 2018

How to Create a Capsule Work Wardrobe on a Budget

Building up a new work wardrobe can get rather expensive, especially if you’ve been depositing it all on online games or other related hobbies. New suits, dresses, and shoes for every season. Buying new clothes is probably one of, if not the most exciting…

June 13, 2018
Fashion Interesting

6 Things To Know About Women Fashion at Office

Women Fashion at office calls for formal attire in which your outfit should reflect professionalism and accomplishments rather than being overly trendy. It may seem simple indeed, but there are some basic rules to make you look properly appropriate but not outdated. Here are…

April 12, 2016